Senseonics Guide

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Forfatter: Senseonics, Incorporated

Senseonics, Incorporated (formerly Sensors for Medicine and Science, Inc.) is developing transformative glucose monitoring products that are intended to enable people with diabetes to confidently live their lives with ease.

The Senseonics Guide App allows you to browse our products: the Sensor, the Smart Transmitter, and the Mobile Medical App. We have an introduction video just for you. Also, you could directly contact us within the app.

Caution - INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE, LIMITED BY FEDERAL (OR UNITED STATES) LAW TO INVESTIGATIONAL USE. The Senseonics Continuous Glucose Monitoring System has not been cleared or approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has it received any European regulatory approvals for distribution. Senseonics © 2014. (Last updated November 14, 2014)